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Legion Host

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Legion Host
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Death Guard
Leader: Thagus Daravek
Base of operations: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

The Legion Host was a massive Chaos Space Marine Warband that was commanded by the Death Guard Sorcerer Lord Thagus Daravek during the Legion Wars.[1a]

Though initially composed of Daravek's own Death Guard forces, as the Warband grew in size and influence it began to accept members and Warbands from the other Traitor Legions within the Eye of Terror. Soon the Legion Host was the most massive Warband taking part in the Legion Wars and were only rivaled in size by the Black Legion. This eventually caused Daravek and Abaddon to become rivals as the two Lords sought to become the new Warmaster of Chaos and succeed the Primarch Horus Lupercal[1a]. This conflict came to a head, when Abaddon and the Black Legion escaped from the Eye of Terror[1b], to obtain the Daemon sword Drach'nyen[1c], and Daravek led the Legion Host in pursuit of them[1d], as he also coveted the sword[1c]. When the Legion Host caught up with the Black Legion, Abaddon's Warband was fighting the Black Templars Chapter within the Cadian Gate and Daravek ordered his Warband to attack his rival's fleet[1d]. This began the First Battle of Cadia, but the Legion Host's attack did not go as planned though, as many of the Black Legion's ships escaped from the battle and Daravek himself was killed by the Sorcerer Khayon[1e]. After the Sorcerer Lord's death, the Legion Host separated into groups of ships and fled into the Warp. These groups then preyed upon the unsuspecting Imperium worlds of Segmentum Obscurus during the First Black Crusade, though some would eventually join their former enemies and become a part of the Black Legion.[1f]

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