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Telennar is an Eldar Craftworld known for its small size.[1]

Eldar Portal
Craftworld Telennar
Main Colours: Brown, black with orange helmets
Favoured Unit: Rangers
Main Enemy: Orks
Telennar Ranger.jpg


Telennar has a long-standing, if fraught, alliance with the Harlequins from the Masque of the Twisted Path and they often march to war united in purpose. One such battle was the Soul Purge of Rhydes-Alpha, in which the Twisted Path asked Telennar to join them in eradicating the Imperium world's population, a task the dark-souled Craftworld readily accepted.[2]

The cordial relations between the inhabitants of Telennar and those of Alaitoc led them to participate in The Fall of Medusa V campaign. This saw its warriors working to protect the Webway from the coming Warp storm that was approaching Medusa V. Small bands of Telennar Rangers are noted for devastating the Ork buggy gangs and slowing the efforts of Warboss Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub to salvage a crashed Space Hulk.[1]

The Craftworld sent forces to War Zone Laevenir to aid their kin against the Tyranids.[3]

Known Members