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Warhammer: Dark Crusaders

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Warhammer: Dark Crusaders
Developer Leaping Lizard Software
Publisher Mindscape
Released Cancelled
Genre First Person Shooter (FPS)/Strategy
Plattform PC

Dark Crusaders was an FPS (First Person Shooter)/Strategy video game, that was produced for the PC by Leaping Lizard Software and was going to be published by Mindscape. In the game's storyline, the player issues commands to a squadron of Space Marines in 15 missions, as they fight the Imperium's enemies.[1]

Current Status

The game was completed in 1996, but its publisher, Mindscape, decided to cancel Dark Crusaders before it was released[2]. PC Gamer Online, however, received a copy of the game to review and gave Dark Crusaders a 65% on their rating scale.[1]