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Gorkamorka (Video Game)

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Developer Realtime Associates
Publisher Ripcord Games
Released Cancelled
Genre Combat Racing
Plattform Sega Dreamcast/PC

Gorkamorka was a multiplayer combat racing video game, based on the Gorkamorka (game), that was developed by Realtime Associates and was to be published by Ripcord Games for the Sega Dreamcast console and the PC.[1]

Each of the game's customizable armored vehicles contained two Orks, one who drives and the other who shoots at other vehicles in walled arenas. The objective was to be the last vehicle standing, with the player choosing to shoot or drive, while the game's AI controlled the other position. In the multiplayer, two players could control one vehicle at once, with one player driving as the other controlled the shooting Ork. The game also had online play, which allowed players to recruit their own gangs and race against up to 15 other vehicles - for a total of 32 players (drivers and shooters) at once. The developer, Realtime Associates, was also working on the option of having the Dreamcast and PC owners play against each other[1], when the game was cancelled.[2]

Current Status

The game was scheduled to be released on October 2001[1], but both the Dreamcast and PC versions were later cancelled.[2]