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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters
Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Video Game Logo.jpg
Developer Complex Games
Publisher Frontier Foundry
Released 2022
Genre 3D Turn-based tactical RPG
Plattform PC

Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is a 3D fast-paced turn-based tactical RPG video game, that is developed Complex Games and published by Frontier Foundry for the PC.[1]


Lead humanity’s greatest weapon, the Grey Knights, in this fast-paced turn-based tactical RPG. Root out and purge a galaxy-spanning plague in a cinematic, story-driven campaign, using the tactics and talents of your own personalised squad of Daemonhunters.[1]

Forge Your Champions Grey Knights are humanity's greatest weapon. A secretive yet supremely powerful Chapter of Space Marines sworn to eradicate corruption, these legendary Daemonhunters are dedicated to combating the minions of Chaos. Lead your own personalised squad against a galaxy-wide plot to infect worlds with a cosmic plague, The Bloom.[1]

Plan Your Strategy Master a turn-based tactical game full of satisfyingly strategic action. Choose powerful classes, wield incredible weapons, use environments to your advantage, and target specific enemy weak points to hinder the advance of an ever-evolving and mutating threat.[1]

Enter the 41st Millennium Penned by acclaimed Black Library author Aaron Dembski-Bowden, immerse yourself in a compelling story set in the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000. Meet famous faces, engage iconic foes, and discover what it takes to lead a squad of elite warriors battling to prevent galaxy-wide destruction in the 41st millennium.[1]


Base Game


  • Justicar - The armour-clad tanks of Daemonhunters equally capable of leading your frontlines or hanging back and psychically sending armour and AP to other units. With their ability to wear Terminator Armour, Justicars can carry both a melee weapon and two-handed Psycannon into battle (not possible for Knights wearing lighter Power Armour).
  • Interceptor - The sneaky rogues of the Grey Knights, Interceptors thrive with their mobility and ability to teleport around the battlefield. They dart quickly between enemies and deal high melee damage (since they can't be parried).
  • Apothecary - At a glance, these guys are classic healers, but you can also build them out into damage-over-time dealers thanks to their Bleed-inducing abilities. They can learn to use the more robust Terminator Armor, too, which is handy if you want them at the frontlines healing your Knights while skewering enemies.
  • Purgator - Foregoing the future-magical abilities of the Warp in favour of heavy weaponry, Purgators have access to the finest hardware in the Grey Knights' arsenal including Psycannons, Psilencers, and Incinerators. Of these weapons, Incinerators (flamethrowers, essentially) struggle a bit because it can be tough closing down that distance, then trying to burn clusters of enemies while not frying your brothers-in-arms.


  • Librarian - Only capable of wearing Terminator Armor, Librarians are well-read in the ways of the Warp, specialising in psychic abilities. You'll want to beef up their Willpower because all their best abilities are Warp-based.
  • Paladin - Even tankier than Justicars, Paladins are great in a melee because they can provide defensive buffs in an area around them as well as pushing the enemy back. They're the only Knight capable of using a Storm Shield, making them extremely proficient at holding ground.
  • Chaplain - These guys may sound like healers, but are in fact the most powerful pure support class in the game, capable of using Litanies to buff Knights at any range with boosts to Willpower, Critical Hit Damage and Armour, among other things. You can only have one Litany active at a time, however.
  • Purifier - A pretty much direct upgrade to the Purgator, the Purifier hones in on incineration. They can use the Psycannon, Psilencer, and Incinerator, though their stronger Ranged abilities focus on the latter. As mentioned earlier, the Incinerator can do a lot of damage but is limited by its short range and inaccuracy, so lead with your Purifier and burn up enemies before other Knights enter the fray.


Duty Eternal

  • Venerable Dreadnought - A fifth member capable of dealing extremely heavy damage. Can only use weapons meant for this class.
  • Techmarine - A class capable of repairing the Dreadnought as well as summoning minions called Servitors, which can be outfitted with multiple types of weapons.

Execution Force


The main enemies in this game are the Chaos forces belonging to Nurgle, including the various Chaos Cult of Nurgle and the Death Guard Traitor Legion, and the Nurgle daemons forces.

There are five tiers of enemies in this category, Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, High-Tier, Mission Specified-Tier, and Boss Tier.

Low Tier

  • Nurgle Cultist
  • Nurgle Heavy Stubber
  • Nurgle Grenadier
  • Apostate Preacher
  • Groaned Poxwalker
  • Poxwalker
  • Bloated Poxwalker
  • The Nurgling Swarm - Added in Update XIII


  • Plague Marine with Plague Blecher
  • Plague Marine with Boltgun
  • Plague Marine with Meltagun - Introduced in Duty Eternal
  • Plague Bearer
  • Plague Ridden
  • Myphitic Blight Hauler
  • Blightlord Terminator
  • Plague Champion
  • Noxious Blightbringer - Introduced in Duty Eternal
  • Plague Surgeon - Added in Update XIII


  • Blightlord Champion
  • Helbrute
  • Chaos Spawn
  • Foetid Bloat-Drone
  • Lord of Virulence
  • Foetid Bloat-Drone with Fleshmower - Introduced in Duty Eternal
  • War Dog Stalker - Added in Update XII
  • Beast of Nurgle - Added in Update XIII

Mission Specified

  • Bloom Stem
  • Bloom Branch
  • Bloom Blub
  • Bloomspawn Spreader
  • Feculent Gnarlmaw
  • Nurgling - Aeger Boss Fight
  • Nurgling Spawner - Aeger Boss Fight
  • Effigy of Death - Malathian Boss Fight
  • Effigy of Infirmity - Malathian Boss Fight
  • Effigy of Despair - Malathian Boss Fight
  • Resurrection Emblems - Malathian Boss Fight
  • Phosphex Carriers - Mortarion Boss Fight
  • Miasmic Mailgnifier - Arcanotech Mission - Introduced in Duty Eternal


  • Kadex Ilkarion - Nurgle Daemon Prince - Warden of the Bloom
  • Aeger, the Benevolent - Great Unclean One - Reaper of the Poxus Bloom
  • Munificus, the Undying - Chaos Spawn - Reaper of the Tentarus Bloom
  • Cruciatus, the Generous - Nurgle Chaos Knight - Reaper of the Dolorus Bloom
  • Morgellus, the Corroded Prince - Plague Hulk - Reaper of the Necrosus Bloom
  • Malathian, the Harvester - Great Unclean One - Reaper of the Mortus Bloom
  • Mortarion - Final Boss

Current Status

Has a DLC coming in on December 6.


  • Teaser Trailer[2]:
  • DLC Trailer