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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Fenksworld Fenksworld.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Josian Reach
System: Unknown
Population: 1,000,000,000
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Fenksworld is a small, grimy hiveworld to the coreward portion of Calixis Sector. It is also a substation depot of Battlefleet Calixis.

It is suggested that many cults and other "secret parties" test their influence on the Fenksworld population, using it as a manageable test bed before moving on to dominant worlds like Scintilla and Malfi.[2]



Heavily industrialized, Hive Magnagorsk exists solely to serve the Battlefleet Calixis orbital supply depot. The hive is controlled by cutthroat foundry guilds that will meet their production quotas by any means necessary including eliminating or kidnapping their rivals. The factories of Hive Magnagorsk reach deep into the earth and forge warship armor in some of the harshest conditions in the sector filled with molten metal, volcanic fires and poisonous ash. Life is cheap in Magnagorsk, they say, but the natives consider themselves lucky compared to the dregs of Hive Volg.[6]

Nova Castillia

The most common port-of-call on Fenksworld is the populous Hive Nova Castillia. While it's a little ramshackle and dirty, Nova Castillia's cloud-piercing spires, ostentatious noble enclaves, endless hab-stacks, and neon-lit entertainment districts are not unlike many other hives across the vast Imperium.[6]

It was believed by Inquisitor Layvan of the Ordo Xenos that Hive Nova Castillia was host to a hidden facility of illegal xenos specimens used for experimentation. Though the Inquisitor, his retinue, and a contingent of Adeptus Arbites were lost in the search, it was confirmed years later on hiveworld Solomon that the facility was found and that the xenos-dealing Beast House was responsible.[5a]

Library of Knowing

Fenksworld's most notable feature is its Library of Knowing, one of the sector's most comprehensive sources of data outside the Prol system. The Library of Knowing's most significant attribute is that it is run under the ordination of the planetary governor and exists outside general Imperial jurisdiction. The Calixian Conclave has made several (subtle) attempts to close the Fenksworld library down, due to its esoteric contents. The library remains a "family-run" enterprise, overseen by the planetary governor's family, the mercurial House Vaahkon.[2]

The library building itself is a vast vertical drum of worn metal that juts from the spires of Hive Nova Castillia. Its internal spaces are divided by pillars and walls of stone, and its open galleries crossed by gantries and walkways of tarnished brass.[5c]

The Sisters the Orders Dialogous maintain a small contingent at the Library of Knowing on Fenksworld.[3]


The philosophy of Ateanism is said to have originated with the writing of Eris Transform by one of the Library's chief curators, Julius Ateanos. After the mysterious disappearance of Ateanos, fragments of the manuscript still find their way into the hands of jaded collectors looking to learn the secret of reigniting their lost curiosity and wonderment at the universe. Instead, they will find only madness and daemonic possession.[5b]


Located atop an acidic salt-fen, Volg is unusual for a hive-city due to its horizontal rather than vertical growth. Grim-encrusted phosphor-lit domes, corroded gantries, vast moisture-traps, reprocessing plants, waste-biomass recycling reservoirs, and clusters of stilt-supported shantytowns sprawl for hundreds of square kilometers across the surface of Fenksworld like the symptoms of some malignant disease. Ironically, it provides the majority of fresh water and protein nourishment to the rest of Fenksworld.[6]

Originally founded as a place to exile the Josian Reach's vilest criminals, it has since swelled to tens of millions as generations have come and gone despite the foul conditions. While people are still exiled to Volg ("clean meat," as the locals call new inmates), the freeborn descendants of exiles are free to leave, but simply surviving is a daily struggle, let alone escape (assuming they could ever afford it). Life in Volg is nasty, brutal and short. For Volgites, mutation is common and violence is the only rule of law. Few death worlds breed hardier or more ruthless fighters those who survive Volg.[6]

Flora & Fauna

Fenksworld Pit Thing are a popular, if illegal, game beast hunted in the underhives of Fenksworld. Gladitorial fights in the Pale Pits of Hive Volg also like to host these aggressive predators.[4b][5a]


The ruling house of Fenksworld is House Vaahkon, who were installed at the time of Angevin Crusade by Lord Militant Angevin himself.[5c]


Hive Volg hosts at least one temple to the Machine Cult in the underhive to maintain augmetics among the sump-workers.[4a]


Fenksworld is a Imperial Naval Depot for Battlefleet Calixis.[1]

Galactic Position


Connection to Other Worlds

Stable warp routes link Fenksworld to Acreage and Zillman's Domain.

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