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Flames of Damnation (Comic Anthology)

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Cover of Flames of Damnation by Philip Sibbering

Flames of Damnation is a comic anthology; an collection of 28 comics. ISBN 1-84416-253-2

Most of these comics either appeared inside of Eternal War (Comic Anthology) or in Eternal Damnation (Comic Anthology). The main difference is the size: the two smaller volumes are bigger, while this edition is roughly pocket-sized.

The stories/comics are the following:

Also appearing in Eternal War:

  • Ravenwing; A single squadron of the Ravenwing attacks a Ork Gargant and a whole Ork horde. They are surely doomed, aren't they? Script: Bill Kaplan, Art: Jeff Rebner, Letters: Gordon Robson
  • A Good Day To Die; a squad of Ultramarines Terminators infiltrates a Space Hulk which is infested by Genestealers. Their mission? To blow it up, of course. Story: Bill Kaplan, Pencils: Jeff Rebner, Inks: Mark Irwin, Letters Nakrosis
  • Last Man Standing; Feron, a Space Marine Scout of the Imperial Fists, tries to rescue an Apothecary who has been captured by a Ork warband. The warband was able to eliminate a whole squad of full Battle-brothers, how can a single scout face them? Written by Dan Abnett, Darwn by Mike Perkins, Lettered by Kid Robson
  • Sacrifice; a strikeforce of the Ultramarines boards a Space Hulk occupied by Chaos Space Marines. The Ultramarines need to destroy the fortress-like Space Hulk. All other considerations (including survival) are of secondary importance. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Jim Brady, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • The dead still serve; an isolated soldier of the Imperial Guard has lost his will to fight. A band of Dark Eldar are looking for prisoners to torture and to kill, and two Ultramarines psychopaths (i.e.: Space marines) are hunting for the Dark Eldar. Who will survive? Script: Andy Jones, Art: Jeff Rebner, Letters: Fiona Stephenson

New/original stories:

  • The Chosen; hear the tale of a thousand summers past how the Salamanders faced the Necrons. Story: Kieron Gillen, Art: Steve Pugh, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Deathwing The tale of Two-heads Talking; discover how Two-heads Talking faced his death. Script: Andy jones, Art & Letters: David Pugh
  • The Pilgrim; the White Scars face the Dark Eldar. Story: James peaty, Art: Shaun Thomas, Letters: Fiona Stephenson

Also appearing in Eternal Damnation:

  • Testament; a Genestealer cult is overrunning a planetary headquartes of the Adeptus Arbites. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Colin McNeill, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Solitude; an explorator team of the Adeptus Mechanicus explores an ancient tomb in search of technology and knowledge. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Paul Jeacock, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Such Horrors; a half-mad survivor returns with knowledge of the horrors invading the galaxy. Script: Andy Jones, Art: Wayne England, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Succubus; Drisella of the cult of Terror, a Wych gladiator, searches for her Dark Eldar kin. Script: David Stoddart, Art: Paul Holden, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Rite Bait; a team of Gretchin hunt for large and hungry Squigs. All they really need is the rite bait... Script: Andy Jones, Art: Wayne England, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Space Hulk graveyard; Leoten Semper, captain of the Imperial cruiser Macharius, finds a graveyard of ancient vessels, a perfect site for an ambush... Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Colin McNeill, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Zero Option; a besieged garrison of the Imperial Guard guards an outpost against the Orks, and at the same time fights against the bitter cold. Script: Dan Abnett, Art/Letters: David Pugh
  • The Samos sanction; the president of Samos wants to crown himself king of Free Samos. The Officio Assassinorum might have something to say about this... Script: Bill Kaplan, Art: Jeff Rebner, Letters: David Pugh
  • Predator & Prey; a scout of the Tyranid fleet lands upon the primitive planet of Calidan. A hunting party of young braves is gathered to find and to kill it. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: David Pugh
  • Betta da Warboss ya know!; ambitious Marrax tries to usurp the role of Warboss Chatack, who has lost his leg. The cunning Gretchins don't agree with this at all. Script: Jim Alexander, Art: Wayne England, Letters: David Pugh
  • The Ionis gambit; Governor Anesh wants to lead the planet Ionis into open secession from the Imperium. He is clever, cautious, and has foreseen every move by part of the High Lords of Terra. Truly every move? Story: Christian Dunn, Pencils: Patrick Goddard, Ink: Dylan Teague Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Blood Rites, the hated Imperium invades the world of Hakka. The Chaos-worshipping inhabitants unleash their mysterious infantary units, whose warriors tranfuse and mix their blood. Script: Jim Alexander, Art: P. J. Holden, Letters: Fiona Stephenson

New/original stories:

  • The Bridge; An Ork horde and a Khorne warband want to secure the same bridge. None of the two sides is willing to share. Script: Dan Abnett, Art: Simon Coleby, Letters: David Pugh
  • Last Stand on Yayor; the Agri-world of Lyttos is about to be overrun. If the rotting legions of Chaos are not stopped the Zombie-plague may spread to other planets. Hard times breed hard men, willing to use even harsher measures. Story: Gordon Rennie, Art: Karl Richardson, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Disposable Heroes; a detachment of a penal legion is sent to rescue a admiral who is stranded behind enemy Necron lines. Story: Si Spurrier, Art: P.J. Holden, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Herd instinct; the Orks are feasting upon a herd of Grox. The Rough Riders know a far better use for the same animals. Script: Kieron Gillen, Art: David millgate, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Charnel house; Imperial Fists face Plague marines. It is a dirty war. Script: Jim Alexander, Art: Jim Brady, Letters: Fiona Stepheson
  • Black Bone Road; a detachment of Ultramarines under the command of captain Idaeus, seconded by his friend sergeant Uriel Ventris, are helping an Inquisitor to capture an heretic. Given information is slim and nothing goes according to plan. Script: Graham McNeill, Art: Jonathan Standing