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House Lucaris

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Lucaris
Affiliation: Chaos
Knight World: Morda Prime
Colours: Dark Blue & Gold
Motto: 'Strike First, Strike Often'

House Lucaris, also known as the House of Serpents and Fanged Knights[2] is a Traitor Knight House.[1]


House Lucaris is an infamous house known for their bold and tenacious nature. Originally swearing themselves to the Luna Wolves during the Great Crusade, the Knights of Morda Prime saw in Horus their own tenets of virtue through strength and mercy through dominance. When Horus turned against the Emperor, Lucaris held their vows and followed him into damnation. Following the death of Horus, Lucaris swore vengeance against the Imperium and revoked their allegiance to the newly created Black Legion which they saw as having abandoned the Warmaster. In the millennia since the Heresy they have waged war against both the Imperium and Chaos Space Marines, though there are accounts of them sometimes allying with the Black Legion.[2]

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