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Knight Tyrant

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The Knight Tyrant is a type of Dominus Pattern Chaos Knight.[1a]

Towering over their fellow kin, Knights Tyrant are bastions of corruption. Their massive suits carry the heaviest weapons system available to the Fallen houses. Their pilots delight in unleashing their formidable weaponry on the foe, often deliberately placing themselves in harm's way so they may shrug off the enemies pitiful attacks as a form of mockery. These Fallen Nobles tend towards towering arrogance and delusions of invincibility, a result of the spiritual bleed between themselves and the tainted machine spirits of the Knight suits they pilot. Pilots of Knights Tyrant almost always become fused with their suits, either due to an obsessive desire to become the biggest and most destructive warrior upon the battlefield, or else because they have simply been devoured by the beast within. These mutated Nobles become the fleshy brains at the core of each mutated war engine.[1a]

The Knight Tyrant wields a impressive array of long-range weaponry which includes Plasma Decimators, Conflagration Cannons, and Thundercoil Harpoons.[1a] At least one knight discarded these armaments for a pair of Reaper Chainswords.[3] Additional weaponry includes Shieldbreaker Missiles, twin Meltaguns, a Volcano Lance, and two Siegebreaker Cannons.[1a]

Notable Knights Tyrant


Knight Tyrant[2]


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