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Intercession Squad

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Intercession Squads are Kill Team Units composed of Intercessor and Assault Intercessor Primaris Space Marines.[1b]


The formations were created by Lord Commander Guilliman for use in the Indomitus Crusade and the Intercession Squads are the most common Space Marine Kill Teams Units within its fleets. He planned them to be tactically adaptable, so that the Intercession Squads could respond to the needs of all manner of missions. For even Guilliman's strategic genius, could not foresee all the manifold threats that the Crusade would encounter out in the Galaxy's darkness. The Kill Team Units have proven to be brutally effective and are now sent to intercede in all manner of situations in support of the Indomitus Fleets' task forces. They are also deployed far from any battlefronts, to regions where the Imperium's enemies remain unknown and shadows still prevail over the Emperor's light.[1b]

Some Chapters have embraced the use of Intercession Squads as well, due to them being created by Lord Commander Guilliman. The Ultramarines and their Successor Chapters have particularly done so and see the usage of the Intercession Squads as a way of honoring their Primarch and progenitor. Others employ the Kill Team Units for the sound tactical efficiency that they represent, while especially hidebound Chapters see their use as purely provisional until decades of data justify a wider adoption.[1b]


Intercession Squads are composed of 6 Intercessors in total and are led by either an Assault Intercessor Sergeant or Intercessor Sergeant. The rest of the Kill Team Unit is composed of Assault Intercessor Warriors, Assault Intercessor Grenadiers, Intercessor Warriors, and Intercessor Gunners.[1a]


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