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Ogdobekh Dynasty

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Colour Scheme Information Symbol
Name: Ogdobekh Dynasty
Ogdobekh Emblem.jpg
Phaeron: Anathrosis
Capital: Unknown
Colours: copper

The Ogdobekh Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty


Ogdobekh Dynasty territory[2]

The Ogdobekh is famed for its technical mastery. This traces its origins to many millennia ago, when the dynasty came to an accord with Crypteks who advised their ruling nobles. The two factions exist in a symbiotic relationship, the vast resources of the Ogdobekh coreworlds are given to the Crypteks for production of weaponry.[3]

As a result of this advantage, its Tomb Worlds were more prepared with better backup systems for the Great Sleep after the Necron race rebelled against the C'tan, with a triple-layered backup system protecting its warriors. Because of this, the dynasty's relative power is greater than it once was, for its warriors have emerged more reliably from hibernation than most.[1a]

The Ogdobekh Dynasty is also known to field large numbers of Obelisks and Tesseract Vaults.[4]

Notable Tomb Worlds

Notable Members


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