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Raf Maven

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Raf Maven was a Knight of House Taranis who piloted the Knight Suit Equitos Bellum during the Great Crusade. He took part in many of its battles until the later years of the Crusade. At that time the type of enemies the Imperium faced were too strong for even the Knight Houses to face, and the Knights of House Taranis were recalled back to their Homeworld Mars. Maven chafed at this, but did as he was ordered and was later among the group of Knights charged with aiding Magos Ipluvien Maximal in hunting Feral Servitors that were damaging one of the Magos' reactors. Under his Preceptor Old Stator, Maven and his friend Leopold Cronus successfully destroyed the Feral Servitors, but he separated from the two Knights when they searched for any stragglers. It was at that time that Maven's auspex hit a massive object and he signaled Stator and Cronus about his discovery[1a], before the object revealed itself to be a giant war machine. The war machine soon attacked Maven, but he was able to dodge its attacks and retaliated, before the war machine suddenly fired upon Magos Maximal's reactor, which caused a chain reaction that caused it to explode[1b]. All three Knights would survive the reactor's destruction, but Maven's Knight Suit was nearly destroyed and it was only at the intervention of House Taranis' two Lord Commanders, Taymon Verticorda and Caturix, that it was repaired instead of being scrapped.[1c]

Afterwards, the conflict on Mars between those that supported the Warmaster Horus and those that supported the Emperor began to simmer and House Taranis rode to defend Magma City; the home to forges owned by their ally Magos Koriel Zeth. While out on patrol with Cronus, Maven's auspex once again sensed the war machine that had attacked them and he vowed to track down and destroy it. Though Cronus was doubtful that the war machine had survived the reactor's explosion, he agreed to join Maven's hunt for the machine and the two departed without notifying their Household[1d]. They began tracking down signs of the machine and it was after they discovered a destroyed mag-line train, that Cronus realized Maven had been right and vowed to help him destroy the machine. It was at that time that both Knights discovered that the Schism of Mars had begun, and open warfare between the supporters of Horus and the Emperor spread across their Homeworld. Despite this, they continued their hunt[1e] and later discovered the war machine deep within the region of Mars, known as the Noctis Labyrinthus, where the war machine was about to fire upon a group of terrified Mechanicum servants. Acting quickly, Maven and Cronus worked together to bury the war machine in rubble and Maven personally destroyed the machine by burying his Knight's sword within it. The two Knights were then approached by the Transcriber Dalia Cythera, who had been among the Mechanicum group the Knights had just saved. Using a mysterious power she possessed, Cythera healed[1f] the two damaged Knights and told them of a remote hidden automated research facility, owned by Magos Koriel Zeth, where they would wait for Mar's civil war to end. Under the sway of Cythera's power, the two Knights did as she commanded[1h] and sometime later, the Imperium reclaimed Mars from Horus' forces. Maven would claim the title of Lord Commander and would go on to help rebuild House Taranis[2] which, save for himself and Cronus[1h], had been destroyed[1g] in the Schism of Mars.[2]