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Salvation (Short Story)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Ultramarines short story; for the Necromunda novel, see Salvation (Novel).
Author Jonathan Green
Publisher Black Library
Released July 1997
Pages 14
Collected in Into the Maelstrom
Let the Galaxy Burn

Salvation is an Ultramarines short story by Jonathan Green. It was first published in Issue One of Inferno!

Black Library Excerpt

"Genestealers! Rius thought. His worst fears had been confirmed. Before he could train his weapon on the Tyranid construct and blow its vile carcass apart, the monster plunged a taloned claw through the back of Julius's armour"[1]


Rediscovering a lost Imperial colony, the Ultramarines make planetfall to engage a Hive Fleet-tendril orbiting the planet. 1st Company rout the Xenos by slaying their Hive Tyrant and then enter the jungles to clean-up rogue Tyranids. Squad Bellator come across a downed Thunderhawk and are set-upon by Genestealers when they investigate; an accident causes the thunderhawk to explode and only Brother Rius survives. Amnesiac and recovering in a local village, Rius spends several months there until outlying homesteads are attacked by a creature dubbed the Screamer; when he investigates, Rius discovers it to be a Carnifex, the sight and sound of it, triggering his memories. Retrieving his Wargear, he departs to hunt the Carnifex and encounters it a few days later; when his assaults do no lasting damage and he suffers a mortal wound, Rius attaches himself to the charging beast and unloads his Storm bolter into its mouth. Unable to let go in time, and dying anyway, the pair fall off of a cliff, into the valley below.[2]


On routine patrol of the Eastern Fringe, the Ultramarines Gothic Cruiser Gauntlet of Macragge discovers a Tyranid Hive Fleet-tendril orbiting the fourth planet in the Dakor System; consultation of auspex scans and on-board archives reveal the planet to be the lost Imperial colony of Jaroth.[2a] Deploying to the planet, the Space Marines of 1st Company engage the Xenos, effectively routing them when the Hive Tyrant is slain; in space, the Gauntlet of Macragge pursues the tyranid Bio-ship, suffering a Spore Mine hit before managing to fatally damage the vessel.[2b] Meanwhile, Squad Bellator sweeps through jungle as part of a clean-up operation to eliminate any remaining tyranid constructs, coming across a downed Thunderhawk in the process; investigating the wreck for survivors, they're attacked by Genestealers. Successfully besting his attacker, Brother Rius moves to aid Sgt. Bellator whilst the squad battle for survival. Rius is thrown clear when Brother Hastus' Flamer ignites leaking Promethium;[2c] when he awakes almost a week later as a retrograde amnesiac, memory of his identity, history, even his name, escape him.[2d]

Rescued by local villagers at the behest of their elders, Rius recovers from grevious wounds within two weeks and begins working in the fields of this farming community. Considered a saviour, a gift from the Emperor, Rius spends months at the village, learning its culture and people, aiding them greatly in their daily lives; he works hard to repay the generosity of his host, Jeren.[2e] One day, Rius is petitioned by a group of farmers to investigate a strange monster, dubbed the Screamer, that has run amok at outlying homesteads, killing and destroying. Arming himself, he and the farmers visit one such homestead and Rius identifies the creature at a distance, a Carnifex. This triggers a torrent of memories for the Space Marine, who now remembers his identity and duty. Returning to the village, Rius requests the return of his Wargear and prepares for battle.[2f]

Announcing his intentions to a gathering of the villagers, Rius identifies himself fully as an Astartes of the Ultramarines Chapter and pledges to hunt-down the Carnifex, requesting only that Jeren remembers him. After three days of searching, Rius encounters the Tyranid; engaging it, any wounds he inflicts heal quickly, whilst a glancing blow of Bio-plasma on his back mortally wounds Rius. Knowing his death is fast approaching, he goads the beast into charging him a final time, grabbing its waist when it does, and unloading his Storm bolter into its mouth, liquifying its brain. Unable to let go in time, both are dragged over the edge of a plateau, into the valley below. In his final thoughts, Rius silently thanks the villagers for allowing him to die a noble death, one worthy of an Ultramarine.[2g]

Dramatis Personae

  • Jarothi Villagers
    • Jeren (Male farmer)
    • Melina (Jeren's daughter)

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