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Siege of Somonor

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The Siege of Somonor was a siege by the Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc against the Necron Tomb World of Somonor in 798.M41.[1]


When the Eldar Farseer Starbane led his war host to the Tomb World of Somonor, he expected to face a Necron tomb disorientated from its long sleep. However, this was not to be, as the Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty, Imotekh the Stormlord, had arrived at Somonor himself to bend its Necron Overlord, Szaron, to his will. Learning of the imminent Eldar assault and realizing his own warriors were ill-prepared for the assault, Szaron pledged allegiance to the Sautekh Dynasty and that the Necrons would stand as one against the Eldar.[1]

Confident of victory, Farseer Starbane launched his attack without waiting for the rest of the host - a mistake that would cost the Eldar dearly. When the Necrons countered every Eldar advance, the Eldar deployed a screen of Vypers but these in turn were smashed against a Monolith that Imotekh teleported directly into battle. At every turn he denied the Eldar their advantage in maneuverability: Deathmarks sniped jetbikes from their saddles and Heavy Destroyers targeted Falcons and Fire Prisms. By the time Starbane realized the seriousness of the threat, his force was incapable of retreat. Yet at the same time the Necron forces were being worn away little by little by the determined Eldar assault and even Imotekh's Monolith was destroyed by Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors. As the main body of the war host mustered, Imotekh knew he could not hold out against a new wave of attackers.[1]

Summoning an angry storm cloud to cover his retreat, Imotekh led his army into the darkness of the tombs below. Starbane, in his arrogance, ignored this obvious trap and pursued the Necrons and was soon trapped within the tombs when Quantum Shielding sealed the only exit. Imotekh then summoned a swarm of microscopic scarabs and then a wave of Flayed Ones that tore away at Starbane's trapped forces. As the Flayed Ones began to falter in the face of stiffening Eldar resistance, Imotekh released his final trap. He sent his legions of Immortals into the fray and the Eldar, packed in close formation to counter the Flayed Ones, were easy pickings for their heavy firepower. The Eldar were slaughtered and only one survived to bring news of the defeat to Alaitoc: Starbane himself. He told the Seer Council of Alaitoc that Imotekh had only taken his right hand whilst all the other captives were put to swift deaths.

In the aftermath, Starbane was released to live out the rest of his days in humiliation. The Seer Council, for its part, planned to exact revenge against Imotekh by striking at the very heart of the Sautekh Dynasty itself.[1]