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Sons of the Hydra

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Warband; for the novel, see Sons of the Hydra (Novel).
Sons of the Hydra
Sons of the Hydra.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Alpha Legion[1c]
Leader: Quetzel Carthach (former)[1b]
Base of operations: Fleet-based[1c]
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Presumably disbanded[1a][1e]

The Sons of the Hydra was a major Alpha Legion coalition and warband led by the Arch-Lord and Harrowmaster Quetzel Carthach.[1c]


This warband had a dark reputation and its warriors are known as vicious butchers.[1b] Sons of the Hydra were a prominent force that brought together several Alpha Legion warbands to wage war upon the successor sons of Guilliman in the Maelstrom Zone. As such, they assailed the forces of the Nova Legion, Crimson Consuls, Vindicators and Marines Mordant in their campaigns. However, the warband broke apart shortly after defeating the Marines Mordant, as Quetzel Carthach and sub-commander Occam turned on each other. A large part of the warband was killed in this clash, with Carthach presumed dead; the survivors of the coalition subsequently divided and returned to waging their own wars.[1a] Quetzel Carthach later resurfaced, and attempted to take revenge on Occam. However, he and his last loyalists were slain when an assassin belonging to The Redacted sabotaged the Q-Ship Iota-Æternus's Gellar Field, whereupon Carthach's forces were torn apart by Daemons.[1b][1e]

The Sons of the Hydra didn't just employ Chaos Space Marine and typical Heretic Astartes followers such as Cultists and Operatives. They also employed large numbers of alien fighters and mercenaries such as Tarellians, Morralians, Galg, Fra'al, Sslyths, and Eldar outcasts.[1c]

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