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Sslyth in a service of Dark Eldar Archon

Sslyth are an alien species that inhabit the galaxy as mercenaries and are typically seen within an Archon's Lord's Retinue.[1]

Millennia ago, the race fell before the temptations of unbridled excess and quickly became one of the most favored beings by the Dark Eldar. Their serpentine bodies along with two sets of limbs allow them to carry enough blades along with weapons to quickly dispatch anyone foolish to harm their master. This along with their skills made them fearsome warrior fiends in combat which is why they are often chosen as a bodyguard detail for an Archon. This is because Dark Eldar make poor bodyguards due to their treacherous nature which is why Sslyth are often recruited from the ranks of the aliens that inhabit the Dark City of Commorragh in order to protect their master from an inevitable coup.[1]

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