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General Sturnn was the commander of the Cadian 412th Regiment during their mission to retrieve an ancient Titan discovered on Lorn V.[1]


Sturnn and the 412th were assigned the mission of recovering an ancient fallen Horus Heresy-era Imperial Titan, bearing the name Dominatus. His initial insertion near the Talorn capital city (or rather, what was left of it) had him leading his armies against the World Eaters Chaos Marines. The mission quickly became more complicated as it turned into a full campaign against Orks, Chaos and Necrons.[1]

After establishing a foothold in Talorn, Sturnn and his men pushed outward, fighting Chaos forces for every foot of ground, demolishing their defensive gates and lines. Sturnn continued until coming to a Warp-powered barrier that was impossible to bring down, no matter how hard his troops hit it. The Eldar Farseer Taldeer and her Ulthwé forces aided him in secret by bringing down the barrier from behind.[1a] Unfortunately, the transport carrying the crew sent to begin the recovery of the Titan (and its escort of Ultramarines) was shot down in Chaos controlled territory. Sturnn launched a massive rescue mission, again secretly assisted by the Eldar when Taldeer ordered her forces to clear the way of the Orkz artillery. Facing surprisingly little resistance, Sturnn's men hit the Chaos forces from the rear and swiftly cut their way to the Titan's crew, successfully rescuing them.[1b]

Receiving a communication from Taldeer, Sturnn agreed to a meeting and temporary alliance seeing that his forces needed all the help they could get, and to keep close tabs on the Eldar's forces. Sending the bulk of his forces to the Eldars location, they opened a path for the Eldar to retreat to the safety of the Imperial's defensive lines. Together, the Imperials and the Eldar held off a massive attack by the Orkz, barely winning the day thanks to Imperial Guard reinforcements, including a massive Baneblade. Sturnn, his troops, the force of Ultramarines, and the Eldar then began to escort the Titan's crew towards an ancient gate blocking the way to the Titan. However, despite this alliance, the Farseer used Sturnn and his men to distract the Orkz and Chaos forces, passing through the gate as it sealed behind them and reaching the Titan ahead of Sturnn's forces.[1c]

Eventually the Sturnn and his men managed to bypass the gate and he ordered the 3rd phalanx to set up defensive positions around the Titan. A combination of Necrons and Eldar attacks forced them back to their fortified base of operations close to the top of the Titan. Sturnn was preparing an attack on the xenos around the Titan to secure it, when he was once again contacted by Taldeer for aid. Despite the earlier betrayal, Sturnn once again agreed to assist when Taldeer assured him that they had no interest in the Titan and would readily leave it to them once the Necron forces were destroyed. Sturnn had the Titan's crew swiftly bring its ancient weapons online. The Titan's multi-lasers rapidly demolished the Necron's Monoliths, eliminating the Necron threat.[1d]


Unfortunately for Sturnn, the Eldar had also been using the Titan's power (siphoned through its weapons) to recharge their Soulstone during the battle. The Dominatus' ancient and derelict power core could not handle the strain of both the recharge and the use of its weapons. The power core overloaded, killing the crew and further disabling the Titan. Farseer Taldeer's forces then turned their guns on Sturnn and the 412th, killing him and every Imperial soldier near the Titan, before disappearing into the Webway.[1d][2]

The betrayal cost the 412th dearly, as they were driven from the planet and the Titan declared lost. The 412th banner was then given a black ribbon to mark their defeat on Lorn V and failure to retrieve the Titan. General Lukas Alexander, and a detachment of Task Force Retribution were sent to hunt down Taldeer in revenge for her betrayal. [1d][2][3]


After his death, his armor the "Shield of Sturnn" was recovered and somehow made its way to the commander of the Imperial Guard forces fighting in the Kaurava system.[4]


Sturnn was a born leader and a formidable fighter. Even though he ordered his commissars to ensure absolute loyalty to his command, he valued the lives of his men above all else. He believed that the duty of the Imperial Guard is to die standing and fighting. He was admired by his fellow officers for his incredible bravery and the fact that he fought beside his troops. Sturnn, unlike many Imperium commanders, tolerates some Xenos species, be it just slightly. He would not, however, hesitate to strike at them if he believed that they would turn on him at the first opportunity. It was this trust that lead to his death. When he assisted a force of Eldar defeat a group of awakening Necrons, and the Eldar killed him and his men in response.