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Talledus System

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The Talledus System is a System of Segmentum Solar's Veritus Sub-Sector.[1]


Located in the heart of the Veritus Sub-Sector, the System is a stronghold of the Ecclesiarchy. Its capital world of Benediction was entirely covered by a golden theocropolis, reshaped into a mausoleum-temple to house the corpses of thousands of Saints. This project began under Ecclesiarch Sebastian Thor in the aftermath of the Age of Apostasy, during which the Talledus System suffered greatly after Talledus' Governor Hectus Carmine spoke out against Goge Vandire. This set off a vicious battle between the System's Imperial Guard defenders and Vandire's Frateris Templar during which Carmine was burnt at the stake and much of the System was purged. In the aftermath of the slaughter Thor ventured to Talledus and declared a grand rebuilding that would see it reshaped into what it is today.[1]

Following the formation of the Great Rift, the Talledus System initially was untouched by the corruption of the Warp. However all this changed thanks to the machinations of Kor Phaeron, which began the Talledus War.