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Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury

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Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury
Released November 2019
Pages 112
ISBN 978-1-78826-665-9
Preceded by Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising
Followed by Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal

Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury is the second rulebook in the Psychic Awakening series.[1]


The epic Psychic Awakening series continues with Faith & Fury. This campaign book features a host of new rules for both the Adeptus Astartes and Heretic Astartes alike – as well as codex expansion's worth of rules for the mighty Black Templars Chapter! The campaign book also tells a sweeping narrative recounting the tapestry of heroism and villainy woven around the world of the Talledus System.[2]


  • Exciting background that describes how the time of the Great Rift found the Imperium reeling, assailed on a million fronts by the surging forces of Chaos. The Indomitus Crusade ventured deeper into occupied territory only to discover that the predations of the Great Enemy had intensified. The story then focuses on Talledus sub-sector – how the taint of Chaos had begun to take root there, lurking unnoticed for many years before the Great Rift enabled the Word Bearer fleets to make warp transit to the heart of the sub-sector.
  • Two Echoes of War Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles during the conflict, and war zones that let you bring your battles to some of the most distinctive sites that were fought over; Theatre of War: Warp Tear
  • Expanded army rules for the Black Templars, including Warlord Traits, Stratagems, relics, Tactical Objectives, Litanies. 5 updated Datasheets. Also a name generator for the legendary crusaders of Dorn!
  • Expanded army rules for the Adeptus Astartes. Chapter-specific Litanies of Battle for White Scars, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, Iron Hands, Ultramarines and Raven Guard. Upgrades to senior officers of the chapters: Chaplains, Techmarines, Librarians, Apothecaries, Ancients, and Company Champions, providing more in-depth rules for these Chapter heroes.