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Votheer Tark

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Votheer Tark was a senior Adept of the Dark Mechanicum who joined the Bloodborn warband of Warsmith Honsou and the Daemon Prince M'kar before the Invasion of Ultramar in 854999.M41.


Tark instigated a rebellion among the tech-guards of Uraniborg 1572, conquering the planet and transforming it into a Forge World for the Dark Mechanicum.[4]

Tark's warband participated in the Skull Harvest on New Badab, and eventually swore allegiance to Honsou after his victory.[1]

By the time of the Invasion, Tark had all but given up his organic body, and was little more than scraps of tissue and brain matter, preserved in an amniotic vat, suspended by a spider-like machine that appeared deceptively fragile[2a][3a].

When the Bloodborn were dispersed among the several planets of Ultramar, Tark's forces were deployed to Quintarn, where he planted a series of Dark Mechanicum forges around the planet, which converted salvaged agricultural machinery, and the wrecks of destroyed war machines, into yet more war machines; with these, the Chaos forces overran many of Quintarn's cities, and were able to outnumber the Ultramarines battle force deployed against them at almost every turn[2b][3b]. Chaplain Ortan Cassius grimly compared fighting Tark to fighting the Tyranids: any loss suffered by either side simply amounted to raw material that Tark could absorb and use to increase his numbers[3b].

Although Tark had little grasp of strategy or tactics, his overwhelming numbers, and his ability to replace his losses with impunity soon had the Ultramarines on the defensive[2b][3b]. Perceiving this, Ultramarines Scout Sergeant Torias Telion led a group of Scouts behind the Chaos lines, infiltrating Tark's forges and demolishing them. With his single advantage lost, Tark's forces were swiftly routed by the Ultramarines[3c].

It is not known whether or not Tark himself survived the Bloodborn defeat.