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Dark Heresy Second Edition: Forgotten Gods

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Dark Heresy Second Edition: Forgotten Gods
Dark Heresy 2nd Ed Forgotten Gods (cover).jpg
Released 2014
Pages 141
ISBN ISBN 9781616619428

General Information

In Forgotten Gods, the first book-length adventure for Dark Heresy Second Edition, players' investigations take them into the wastelands of Hive Desoleum, aboard the Rogue Trader vessel Oath Unspoken, and finally, to the cemetery world of Thaur. In addition to a thrilling adventure that pits players-Acolytes against an ancient evil, they can use each of these locations as a new homeworld for the Acolytes, giving even more options for character creation.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Standing in the Shadow
  • Chapter II: To the World of Bone
  • Chapter III: Nightmares Remembered


  • Produced by
Tim Huckelbery and Max Brooke
  • Development and Writing
Tim Cox and Craig Gallant with Tim Huckelbery and Jordan Goldfarb
  • Editing and Proofreading
Jim Jacobson and Mark Latham
  • Managing RPG Producer
Chris Gerber
  • Graphic Design
Taylor Ingvarsson, Sam Shimota and Evan Simonet
  • Graphic Design Manager
Brian Schomburg
  • Cover art
Mathias Kollros
  • Interior Art
Alex Boca, Matt Bradbury, Jon Cave, Mauro Dal Bo, Vincent Devault, Guillaume Ducos,
Zach Graves, Imaginary FS Pte Ltd, Nikolaus Ingeneri, Mathias Kollros, Michal Mikowski,
David Auden Nash, Niten, Shane Pierce, Neil Roberts, Grzegorz Rutkowski, Silver Saaremael,
Christian Schwager, Darek Zabrocki and the Games Workshop Design Studio
  • Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro
  • Art Direction
Andy Christensen
  • Production Management
Eric Knight
  • Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • Executive Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen
  • Special Thanks to our Playtesters
"Occam's Chainsword" Blake 'HTMC' Bennett with Matt Armstrong, Corrin Grant, Rome Reginelli and Chris Weinberg; :"No Guts No Glory!" Sean Connor with Stephen Pitson, Andrea Pitson, Barry Spryng, and Val Scott;
"The Librarians" Pim Mauve with Keesjan Kleef, Jan-Cees Voogd, Joris Voogd, Gerlof Woudstra;
"You Bid Babies?!?" Jordan Millward with Keri Harthoorn, Kyle Harthoorn-Burton, Kieren Smith, Julia Smith,
and Malcolm Douglas Spence; "Roll Perils" Matthew 'H.B.M.C.' Eustace with Rob Lord, Stuart Lord, Sean Kelly, :and Michael Madani

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781616619428