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Black Crusade: The Tome of Decay

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Black Crusade: The Tome of Decay
Released 2014
Pages 142
ISBN ISBN 9781616619152

General Information

The Tome of Decay is a supplement for Black Crusade (RPG series).

Focusing on Nurgle, the Chaos God of pestilence and plague, The Tome of Decay serves up all manner of ailments, resources, allies, and ideas for Nurgle's grotesque followers. The Tome of Decay also includes advice for GMs on running their own plague-filled campaigns!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Nurgle
  • Chapter II: Death Bringers
  • Chapter III: Lords of Entropy
  • Chapter IV: The Heart of the Vortex


  • Lead Developers
Max Brooke and Tim Huckelbery
  • Writing and Additional Development
Kendall Butner, Tim Cox, Robert Dempsey, Matthew Eustace, Craig Gallant,
Jordan Goldfarb, Lee Gunby, Anthony Hicks, Andy Hoare, Mike Myler and Joe Sleboda
  • Editing and Proofreading
Mark Latham and David Johnson
  • Managing RPG Producer
Chris Gerber
  • Graphic Design
WiL Springer
  • Graphic Design Manager
Brian Schomburg
  • Cover Art
Mathias Kollros
  • Interior Art
Jacob Atienza, Ryan Barger, Dimitri Bielak, Matt Bradbury, Filip Burburan,
Vincent Devault, Alexandr Elichev, Sam Flegal, David Griffith, Ilich Henriquez,
Nikolaus Ingeneri, Michal Ivan, Mathias Kollros, Sam Lamont, Clint Langley,
Daryl Mandryk, Ameen Naksewee Scott Purdy, Christian Schwager, Stephen Somers,
Nikolay Stoyanov, Ben Zweifel and the Games Workshop Design Studio
  • Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro
  • Art Direction
Andy Christensen
  • Production Management
Eric Knight
  • Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • Executive Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen
  • Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Zach Tewalthomas. "Thunderbolts" Wouter Dhondt with Karel Gheysens, Bjorn Lefevre,
Tom Vandenberghe, and Sebastian Van Uytfange. "Eternal Darkness" Erich Vereen. "K293 Storm Troopers"
Callam Steward with Kieran Street and William Greenhalgh. "The Hummingbirds" Jan Tahon with Christine Decloedt,
Miquel Joseph, Cedric "Ce" Maricou, and Glenn Wybo. "Unrepentant" Lachlan "Raith" Conley with Jordan Dixon,
Nicole Gillies, and Aaron Wong. "Fayetteville Black Crusade" Andrew Thetford with Greg Pauley,
Lucas James Allen, Whitney Fraker, David Elliot, and Alec M Luta. "Cincinnatus 158" Trevor Stamper
with John Olszewski, Louis Barrera, and Michael P. Cosentino

Games Workshop

  • Licensing Managers
John French and Graham Nicol
  • Head of Licensing
Jon Gillard
  • Games Workshop Business and Legal Advisor
Andy Jones
  • Head of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781616619152