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Wrath & Glory: Gutshiva's Kommandos

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Wrath & Glory: Gutshiva's Kommandos
Released 2022


The Ork Freebooter Kaptin Goldteef has a plan — build a big Rok, pack in all the Orks he can, and send it screaming into the heart of Gilead. Most Orks agree this is a pretty good plan, but with room for improvement.

The Ork Kommando Gutshiva and his boyz like Da Rok, but don’t like how long it’s taking to launch. They want to do what Kommandos do best — infiltrate behind enemy lines and blow up as much of stuff as possible as quickly as possible. Unwilling to wait any longer, Gutshiva paid good teef to Mek ‘Edspannerz to use his teleporta’, launching his own assault on Gilead Primus. Unfortunately, not everything has gone according to plan…

Gutshiva’s Kommandos is a supplement for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory designed for a group of kunnin’ Ork Agents willing to take on everything a ‘umie hive has to offer. It contains seven new NPCs, with detailed descriptions and plot hooks to engage even the most unruly of Orks. Each Ork NPC also comes with their own special Loyalty Mission, something they won’t risk trusting the Agents with until they’ve proven themselves to be proper Orks.

Gutshiva’s Kommandos can also be used for games featuring Imperial Agents, as Gutshiva and his boyz make ideal enemies for Tier 2-3 Agents of the Imperium. Defend Hive Gulgatha and put a stop to Gutshiva’s endless sabotage before a small Ork incursion turns into a full blown Waaagh!


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