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Dark Heresy Second Edition: Enemies Beyond

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Dark Heresy Second Edition: Enemies Beyond
Dark Heresy 2nd Ed Enemies Beyond (cover).jpg
Released 2016

General Information

In the Enemies Beyond rules supplement for Dark Heresy Second Edition, player can become an Acolyte serving with the Ordo Malleus — those tasked with protecting the Imperium from the daemons of the Warp. This book consist of a new Acolyte options allowing players to play as an Exorcised character or a powerful Astropath. Gazetteers offer information on the Daemonic threats to the Askellon Sector, introducing new types of worlds such as Penal Colonies and Daemon Worlds. The GM will even find rules for creating his own Daemon Princes, details on the rites of possession and exorcism, and guidance for crafting the Acolyte's adventures with the Ordo Malleus!