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Dark Heresy: The Game Master's Kit

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Dark Heresy: The Game Master's Kit
Released 2008
Pages 41
ISBN ISBN 9781589944558

The Dark Heresy: The Game Master's Kit was published in 2008 by Black Industries for the Dark Heresy RPG. It was printed with the GM's screen and numerous handy quick reference charts. Added to this is a 32-page booklet with a full adventure, Xenos Generator, and new rules for poisons and toxins!


  • Chapter I - Maggots in the Meat
    • Adeventure Background
    • Adventure Overview
    • Getting Started
    • Emperor’s Island
    • Olrankan, The Floating City
  • Chapter II - Appendix
    • The Slaugth
    • Xenos Generator
    • Poisons & Toxins


  • Designed and written by Black Industries
Owen Barnes, Alan Bligh, John French & Mike Mason
  • Development
Owen Barnes
  • Many Thanks to
Paul King & Dylan Owen
  • Cover Art
Clint Langley
  • Graphic Design and Cartography
Mark Raynor
  • GM's Screen Art
Karl Kopinski, Stefan Kopinski & Clint Langley
  • Interior Art
John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Tom Carney, Paul Dainton, Wayne England, David Gallagher, Karl Kopinski, Stefan Kopinski, Clint Langley, Adrian Smith & John Wigley
  • Project Managment
Zoë Wedderburn
  • Games Workshop
  • Licensing Manager
Own Rees
  • Licensing and Acquired Rights Manager
Eril Mogensen
  • Head of Legal & Licensing
Andy Jones
  • Fantasy Flaght Games
  • Managing Developer
Michael Hurley
  • Executive Developer
Jeff Tidball
  • Additional Graphic Design
Kevin Childress
  • Publisher
Christian T.Petersen