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Herald of Oblivion (Gamebook)

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Herald of Oblivion
Herald of Oblivion cover.jpg
Author(s) Jonathan Green[1]
Released July 2012[1]
ISBN 9781849702324[1]
Preceded by Hive of the Dead (Gamebook)

Herald of Oblivion is a second Warhammer 40'000 book of the Path to Victory adventure gamesbooks released by Black Library.


You are a veteran Space Marine of the Imperial Fists Chapter. Equipped with powerful Terminator armour and armed with the deadliest weapons that the Adeptus Astartes wield, you are a symbol of the Emperor's might. Trapped aboard the space hulk Herald of Oblivion and the only survivor of your squad, you must fight your way through the aliens and heretics that infest the star vessel and find a way to escape the horror and return to your Chapter.[1]