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Deathwatch: The Game Master's Kit

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Deathwatch: Game Master's Kit
Released 2010
Pages 32
ISBN ISBN 9781589947795

General Information

The book is a 32-page full colour booklet with a selection of useful NPCs, and an expanded Mission-generation system, and a complete adventure. The included adventure, The Shadow of Madness, explores what unfathomed forces may have cursed the planet Baraban, and raises questions about their connection to the unknown purpose of the waiting Omega Vault. Also in the Game Master's Kit book is a section devoted to aiding Game Masters in devising missions and implementing them into your own Deathwatch campaigns. Finally, the back of the book serves an appendix detailing the important NPCs that the Kill-team may encounter, plus plenty of adventure seeds for each.

Also with a book goes a GM screen with Deathwatch arts.


  • Chapter I: Shadow of Madness
  • Appendix


  • Lead Developer
Ross Watson
  • Written and Developed by
Andrea Gausman
  • Based on Dark Heresy, Designed by
Owen Barnes, Kate Flack, and Mike Mason
  • Editing
Ben Lurie
  • Graphic Design
Kevin Childress
  • Additional Graphic Design
Mark Raynor
  • Cover Art
Michael Phillippi
  • Interior Art
Victor Corbella, Simon Eckert, Mark Gibbons, Zach Graves, Anton Kokarev, Hector Ortíz,
Erich Schriener and Mark Smith
  • RPG Producer
Mack Martin
  • Art Direction
Zoë Robinson
  • Production Manager
Gabe Laulunen
  • FFG Lead Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • FFG Lead Game Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

  • Licensing Manager
Owen Rees
  • Head of Licensing
Paul Lyons
  • Head of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett
  • Special Thanks
"No Guts, No Glory" Sean Connor with Mathieu Booth, Nick Hodge, Stephen Pitson, Mark Smith
and Michael Thompson, David Schumpert with David Hudock, Martin Linde, Adam Schumpert, and Pierre Wagenseil

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781589947795