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Emeli Duboir

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Emeli Duboir was a Priestess, and later a Daemoness, of Slaanesh.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Beguiling (Short Story)

As a mortal, she ran a Chaos Cult out of the Saint Trynia Academy for the Daughters of Gentlefolk, located in the southern hemisphere of the main eastern continent of Slawkenberg. Emeli and her acolytes beguiled Ciaphas Cain and two Valhallan gunners and attempted to possess them, as sacrifices to Slaanesh. Cain was nearly seduced, but broke free from her influence and shot her in the head with his laspistol. The two troopers were not so lucky, but Ferik Jurgen, Cain's Blank aide, met him outside the grounds just as the compound was stormed by rival Nurglite soldiers. Cain called in an artillery barrage, obliterating the Academy and both Chaos factions inside it[1].

Return to the Materium

This page contains spoilers for: The Traitor's Hand (Novel)

Emeli returned as a Daemon[2a] who was summoned, temporarily, in a series of rituals by Slaaneshi Cultists causing changes in the warp currents surrounding Adumbria, slowly thinning the barrier to the Immaterium[2b]. While temporarily summoned, Emeli was able to affect Cain's dreams, giving him nightmares of his previous experience on Slawkenberg[2c]. While these summoning rituals were going on, Khorneate Raiders known as the Ravagers attacked Adumbria in an attempt to stop them[2d]. The fourth summoning, which formed a geometric pattern with the other three, took place on a mineral dredger off the coast in the equatorial sea[2e]. This summoning created a Warp Rift allowing Emeli to be summoned permanently, and would have transformed Adumbria into a Daemon World had it been completed. The dredger was attacked by Chaos Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion, followed closely by Cain, leading a company of the Valhallan 597th and a squad of the Tallarn 229th. Emeli killed the remaining Chaos Marines, and again attempted to seduce Cain to Chaos. Cain declined, and she planned to kill him, but her link to the Immaterium was nullified by Jurgen's blank field, allowing her to be gunned down by combined fire from the Valhallans and Tallarns[2f].

Since Jurgen's abilities were a carefully guarded secret, Emeli's defeat was attributed entirely to Cain's heroism, and inspired a small religious sect on Tallarn which worshipped him as a prophet[2g].

Appearance and Abilities

As a mortal, Emeli was a beautiful woman with long, glossy black hair, deep emerald eyes, and a sensuous voice that Cain compared to "bathing in chocolate."[1]