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Esad Wire

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Esad Wire, known as Beast Krule during his days in the Officio Assassinorum, was an Imperial security official in mid-M32.[1a]


Esad Wire was originally a Venenum Assassin and during his time in the Temple was taken in by Drakan Vangorich who he came to view as a father figure.[6] Wire displayed immense strength, punching clean through an augmented Human skull.[1b] His obscenely powerful punches are the result of having the bones in his fists replaced by plast-steel, and this combined with his savage bare-handed fighting style earned him the moniker of The Beast.[2]

After serving as an infamous assassin in the Officio under Grand Master of Assassins Drakan Vangorich, somehow Wire was able to retire and was transferred as an Arbitrator to oversee monitoring station on Terra.[1a] During the War of the Beast, Vangorich approached his old agent and recruited him for an unknown mission. Wire is later seen leaving his station before killing Kalthro, an Inquisition agent trailing him on orders of Inquisitorial Representative Wienand.[1b] After dispatching Kalthro, Vangorich began training him to assassinate Lord High Admiral Lansung.[2] He next appears rescuing Wienand from assassins of Lord Inquisitor Veritus on the orders of Vangorich, killing one of the hitmen and escorting her into hiding.[3] He next appeared foiling an assassination attempt by Veritus on Vangorich, killing the Veritus-aligned Inquisitor Machtannin as he attempted to snipe the Grand Master of Assassins.[4]

As Vulkan and Koorland led the invasion of Ullanor in the closing stages of the war, Esad Wire undertook another mission by Vangorich. Landing on the Ork world, he was dispatched to assassinate the Beast himself. He managed to infiltrate the immense temple of Gork and Mork at the center of the capital of Gorkogord that was believed to be The Beast's palace. Once inside, he found tens of thousands of Warboss-sized Mega Armoured Orks accompanied by a Mega Gargant being held in reserve. Esad Wire realized he could never get to the Beast with this force in the way, and perhaps more importantly had to warn the Imperials that they were falling into a trap. Narrowly avoiding capture, Wire managed to hijack an Ork flyer and reach Imperial lines, warning of what he had saw. He suggested that the Imperials cut off the Orks food sources and starve them out instead of moving on the palace.[5]

Later during The Beheading, Wire was given the task of killing Grand Provost Marshal Vernor Zeck by Vangorich. However Wire, having had little recent contact with Vangorich and disagreeing with the action, realized that he would likely soon be eliminated by the Grand Master as well. Nonetheless, Wire killed the highly augmented Zeck after a vicious battle and took his head to Vangorich as proof of his loyalty. When Vangorich revealed that Zeck had not been the only target and he had annihilated all the High Lords, Wire struck and attempted to slay the new tyrant of the Imperium. However he was bested in single combat by Vangorich and converted into an Eversor Assassin.[6]

100 years later when Maximus Thane led 3 Chapters against Vangorich, Wire was deployed against them. By the end of the melee only three remained: Vangorich, Thane, and Wire. Vangorich bid his goodbyes to Thane before ordering the Wire to finish the Chapter Master, but the assassin stayed his hand. Wire somehow had overcome his programming and damned the mad Grand Master. This distraction gave Thane enough time to raise his Bolt Pistol. Vangorich asked if they would like to know the story of how Konrad Curze died before being shot dead by Thane. Of Esad Wire, there was no sign.[6]