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Knight Rampager

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A Knight Rampager

The Knight Rampager is a type of crazed Chaos Knight.[1a]


Knights Rampager storm into battle with frenzied, metallic howls. They charge towards the foe with no thought for their own defense, stressing their own machines to the limit. For the Fallen Nobles who pilot these lunatic war engines, it is like having their minds and souls tethered to a blazing meteor. They can do little but fight to sate and direct the bloodthirst of their Knight suits as best they can, and many are rapidly worn down by the experience until their sanity snaps and they are left as little more than slavering beasts themselves. So unpredictable and infamous are Knight Ramapagers that they are often dropped from a low-flying haulers directly into the fighting of a war zone. Other times they are teleported from within Adamantium cages aboard orbiting war ships, or even transported to the front lines chained into transporters that bind them like armored straight jackets until it is time for them to be unleashed. Sometimes the raving war engine has broken free of its restraints en route to the front, and wrought mayhem among its allies. However for all the risks of their deployment, Knight Rampagers are effective weapons when unleashed. Their forms warp and twist in ways that shouldn't be possible and they are able to move at terrifying speeds for a machine of their size. They rain down punishing blows that sunder the guard of even the most skilled war engine pilot or beast. During battle, they ignore incoming fire altogether.[1a]

Because of their extreme berserker tactics, it is rare for a Knight Rampager to be able to leave a war zone under its own power and they are known to take tremendous losses among their ranks. Many of the Traitor Knight Houses rely on this fact, as this simply makes it easier for them to be restrained after the battle.[1a]

Known Knight Rampagers


Knight Rampager


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