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Nemo Zhi-Meng

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Nemo Zhi-Meng was Choirmaster of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

A powerful Psyker, he was romantically involved with Aniq Sarashina, a mistress of the Scholastica Psykana. He assigned Athena Diyos to attempt and repair the mind of Astropath Kai Zulane.[1a] After the Drop Site Massacre, he dispatched the Master of the Cryptaesthesians Evander Gregoras to purge the City of Sight of Astropaths afflicted by madness when Magnus the Red psychically breached the Imperial Palace to speak to the Emperor.[1b] Later when he discovered that Kai Zulane held information vital to the future of the Heresy, he sent Yasu Nagasena on a hunt for the Astropath.[1c] After the suicide of Gregoras, Nemo picked up his last journal and began to read what had driven him to it.[1d]

Shortly before the Siege of Terra Nemo Zhi-Meng reappeared during a meeting of the Council of Terra.[2] He reappeared during another Council meeting during the early stages of the Siege, where he pointed out the Daemonic nature of many of Horus' allies.[3] In the final stages of the Siege, a shuttle carrying Nemo was shot down and recovered by Katsuhiro and a group of survivors led by Euphrati Keeler who were being guided by a mysterious light away from the Sanctum Imperialis.[4]

Alongside Sigismund and his Templars, the group eventually arrived at the Hollow Mountain, where they faced certain death in the face of a massive Death Guard assault led by Typhus. During the battle Nemo Zhi-Meng worked closely alongside Dark Angels Librarians in reactivating the Astronomican, but not to no avail. However Keeler was able to lead a sacrificial prayer amongst the faithful throngs that caused a psychic backlash which not only threw back the Death Guard but also reactivated the Astronomican. The prayer caused many of the faithful to disintegrate into dust, Nemo included.[5]