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Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast

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Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast
Released March 2020
Pages 80
ISBN 978-1-78826-785-4
Preceded by Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good
Followed by Psychic Awakening: Engine War

Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast is the sixth rulebook in the Psychic Awakening series.[1]


When the Great Rift tore open across the galaxy, the Orks saw it as a conduit to even greater conflicts and battles. Ghazghkull’s Great Waaagh! rapidly grew in size and strength with each fresh conquest as the greenskins instinctively mustered for war. The Grand Warlord’s hordes were further swollen as the visions of Ork Weirdboyz compelled their warbands to join the Great Waaagh from light years away.[2]

Meanwhile, the Rune Priests of the Space Wolves received visions of their own, foretelling the unification of the greenskin race. Determined to intercede before such an eventuality could befall the Imperium, [[Logan Grimnar@@ took decisive action, sending his Great Companies across the Sea of Stars in a bid to defeat the Orks before they became unstoppable and finally rid the galaxy of the threat Ghazghkull posed.[2]

In the sixth instalment of the Psychic Awakening, you'll read how the Space Wolves engaged the Orks wherever they could be found – and what happened when Ragnar Blackmane tracked Ghazghkull to his base of operations on [[Krongar@@. Meanwhile, a vast set of rules expansions enhance your armies of Space Wolves and Orks with name generators, updated datasheets and much more besides.[2]


  • Riveting background that reveals the sheer magnitude of the gathering Ork threat[2]
  • Expanded army rules for the Space Wolves – including the deadly new Primaris version of Ragnar Blackmane[2]
    • adopting the Space Wolf-rules to the latest Space Marine codex rules for primaris marines.[2]
    • Additional stratagems and relics[2]
    • Vanguard Warlord Traits[2]
    • Vanguard Psychic Powers: Obscuration discipline.[2]
    • Litanies of Battle[2]
  • Expanded army rules for the Orks – including the new datasheet for Ghazghkull Thraka (who is not just back, but more powerful than ever!) and his plucky grot banner bearer, Makari.[2]
    • Additional Ork Stratagems Rules.[2]
    • Specialist Mobs (Subkultur): Pyromaniacs, Huntas, Boomboyz, Flyboyz, Grot Mobs, Tin ´Eads, Feral Orks, Madboyz[2]
    • Kustom Jobs (vehicle upgrades)[2]
    • Alternative Clan Psychic Powers[2]