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Shrieker Cannon

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A Shrieker Cannon[1]

The Shrieker Cannon (or Buanna in the Eldar Language[2]) is a weapon used by Eldar Harlequins.[1]

The Shuriken Shrieker Cannon is specialized version of the Shuriken Cannon used by Harlequin Death Jesters. In addition to a longer barrel, the Shriker Cannon can fire both normal shurikens and shrieker shurikens, also known as margrech, which are hollowed out and contain a genetically tailored enzyme-based toxin. Centripetal forces created by the spinning of the disc forces this virulent toxin into the target through microscopic pores in the shuriken's spines, which also give it a distinctive shrieking noise as it travels through the air. The result of the toxin is most unpleasant to any living creature: combining with their own genetic material, the unfortunate target's tissue begins to twist and distort itself, organs cease functioning, and delirium sets in as the serum reaches their brain. Eventually the replicating genetic serum reaches a fever pitch, and the target violently explodes in a most horrific and untidy manner.[2][3]

Notable Shurieker Cannons


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