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Word Bearers Armoury

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For specific and named weapons, equipment, and vehicles used by the Word Bearers.


Name Type Notes Sources
Accursed Crozius Power Weapon Wielded by Dark Apostles [1]
Anakatis Blade Knife
Archaeotech Pistol Archaeotech Wielded by Lorgar Aurelian [5]
Ashen Axe Chainaxe [7]
Athame Ritual knife [2a]
Boltspitter Bolt Weapon
Crux Malifica Banner Used by Erebus
Eightfold-Cursed Crozius Crozius
Illuminarum Crozius Arcanum Wielded by Lorgar Aurelian [3][5]
Octed staff Ritual staff [4a][4b]
The Cursed Crozius Crozius Arcanum
Panoply of Flame Banner Used by Zardu Layak
Tainted Weapon
Warpfire Pistol Warpfire Weapon
Warpfire Blaster Warpfire Weapon
Warpfire Cannon Warpfire Weapon


Name Type Notes Sources
Armour Diabolus Relic Power Armour
Armour of the Word Artificer Armour Worn by Lorgar Aurelian [5]
Helm of Lorgar Helmet Worn by Lorgar Aurelian [6]
Terminus Consolaris Terminator Armour Worn by Kor Phaeron


Name Type Notes Sources
Baleful Icon
Book of Lorgar Religious document Written by Lorgar Aurelian [2b]
Book of the Reviler Tome [7]
Crown of the Blasphemer
Epistle of Lorgar Tome [7]
Warp-flask Communication medium [2c]
Malefic Tome
Skull of Monarchia
Scripts of Erebus
Tsorr'Kanath's Forbidden Grimoire [8]


Name Type Notes Sources