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Blindsharks are small stealth and assault ram spaceships, that are used by the T'au Empire.[1]


They are all but invisible to sensors, including those of the T'au's and quite easily those of the Imperium. The interiors of Blindsharks are cramped, however, as much of their space contains the T'au Empire's stealth technology. The rest contains a hold that can contain a team of XV8 Battlesuits and a pilot cocoon, though Blindsharks can be controlled by AI autopilots if need be. Those created after the Battle of Mu'gulath Bay are even more cramped, as up to 70 percent of their interior can contain stealth technology, based off of the Ghostkeel's stealth suit.[1]

When used as an assault ram, Blindsharks must be maneuvered so their rears connect with the exterior of their target. Once contact is made, the upper section will engage its electromagnetic locks, with a ringing boom, as the Blindsharks clamp down. Breaching alerts will then become active, as the fusion cutters of the Blindsharks' circular hatch run in a repeated loop, until they cut a hole open. When an inner airlock has been established, a sharp hiss and a gold glow will then occur within the Blindsharks' hold, prior to the airlock opening into the interior of their target's craft.[1]


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