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Il'Porrui Class Cruiser

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Il'Porrui Class Cruiser[4]

The Il'Porrui Class Cruiser (also known as the Emissary) is the first vessel created for the renovation of the Tau Fleet.


The Il'Porrui was designed primarily for transport for Water Caste dignitaries, Tau Commanders and Ethereals, and secondly for battle. They are also used as large merchant vessels. Despite its size, the Emissary is well equipped and perfectly capable of looking after itself against all but the largest capital ships. These ships are now becoming common within the Tau Empire. As this class was the first of the renovation program and their versatile role, their number may increase in the Kor'vattra.[2] Firstly Il'Porrui were discovered by Imperium in the Dolumar System. The new class of ship was noted amongst the Emperor's Admirals though only a single vessel was destroyed in this encounter.[3]

The size of the Emissary is roughly one-fourth that of an Imperial Emperor Class Battleship.[1] The Emissary's armament consists of 3 Missile Launchers, 2 Gravitic Hooks, and 8 double-barreled heavy Rail Guns.[4] It can also transport up to 2 squadrons of Barracudas.[2]


Emissary Class Vessel.


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