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Or'es El'leath Class Battleship

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Or'es El'leath Class Battleship
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tau space vessel; for the Imperial bodyguard unit, see Adeptus Custodes.

The Or'es El'leath Class Battleship is the largest battleship class of the Kor'Or'Vesh, the newest generation of Tau ships.


Also named the Custodian, it retains the heavy carrier ability of its predecessor, the Gal'leath[1], able to transport three Warden Gunships that used as a defenders of Custodian during the battle,[4] and adds an array of port and starboard Railgun Batteries and Ion Cannons, has improved engine output and shielding capabilities and sports Deflector technology which significantly improves the armour value of the prow.[1]

The elegant design of the Or'es El'leath causes it to lack the durability of other Battleships, being more akin to a Grand Cruiser's hull value.[1] Its armament consists of 3x8 Missile Launcher tubes, 3 Gravitic Hooks, 6 double-barreled heavy Railguns, 2 heavy Ion Cannons, 12 lighter Railguns, and 6 Launch Bays for Attack Craft.[5]

Notable Or'es El'leath Class Battleships


Custodian Class Battleship[1][4]


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