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Stronghold Class Commerce Vessel

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Stronghold Class Commerce Vessels belong to the Demiurg and are extremely well-powered, large, and technologically advanced.[1]

They are factories or ore-processing vessels and are often bases which are moved between systems and asteroid belts. They are also bases for a fleet of inter-system asteroid mining pods, haulage flyers and prospector probes (it is theorized that many of these are automated). Strongholds are often seen in uninhabited systems with fleets of small ships moving resources to and from the vessel and a planet or asteroid, with the prow facing the star. Most of the time the vessel will disengage if challenged but some will attack with a dangerous ferocity.[1]

They are slow but well-defended, especially at close quarters, and have a good capacity for launching retrofitted mining vessels as attack craft. The ship also uses an array of complex electro-magnetic fields around its prow to scoop up interstellar hydrogen. This is accelerated to the rear of the ship in order to give some form of ram-effect and given numerous other benefits. This process is not understood by the Adeptus Mechanicus and they are eager to get their hands on an intact vessel in order to analyse it.[1]

Stronghold Class vessels are heavily armed, equipped with a Cutting Beam, Lances, Torpedoes, and Macrocannon batteries.[2]

It is worthy of note that every known encounter between Demiurg and Ork vessels has resulted in combat, and that renegade elements have often hired Demiurg vessels to fight as mercenaries in interplanetary and intersystem power struggles.[1]



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