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Coronal Crusade

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Coronal Crusade
Date M42
Location Croatoas
Imperium of Man Forces of Chaos
VanKalder[1f] Baraghor
See order of battle See order of battle

The Coronal Crusade is an Imperial Crusade, that was launched to reclaim the Chaos corrupted Industrial World Croatoas.[1]


It began after the Great Rift's creation, threw an Imperial Navy fleet, carrying Regiments of the Astra Militarum, out of the Warp. The fleet had no idea where it was at first, but later found the Industrial World Croatoas. The once loyal Imperial world, however, was now in the grips of Heretics. This occurred after it was bathed by the Warp energy unleashed by the Great Rift, which even affected Croatoas' plant life. After discovering this Heresy, the Regiments became the Coronal Crusade and launched an invasion to reclaim the Industrial World for the Imperium.[1b] The local Chaos forces mainly consisted of worshippers of Nurgle and Slaanesh led by rival warlords; they were mainly unified thanks to the efforts of a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer Lord, Baraghor.[1c][1e]

The operation did not proceed as planned. The invaders quickly became bogged down, and some Imperial units even defected to the forces of Chaos.[1c] Loyalist regiments suffered heavy losses, resulting in several being consolidated into others. At the battle of Yarroe Canyon, only a single Imperial Leman Russ Battle Tank survived an ambush of a Tsegohan regiment by Chaos troops.[1a]

Order of battle



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