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This page contains spoilers for: Soul Drinkers (Novel Series)

Tellos was an Assault Marine Sergeant of the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1a]


During his Chapter's hunt for one of their lost relics, the Soulspear, Tellos led his assault squad in the attack on the Van Skorvold Star Fort.[1a] Under Librarian Sarpedon's command, he fought with the Soul Drinkers to the star fort's vaults where they found the Soulspear, only to have it stolen right in front of them by the tech-guard of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1b]

When the Soul Drinkers mounted an attack on the Mechanicus's Geryon Ordinatus platform, Tellos was seriously wounded after both hands were wrenched off at the wrist by an Electro-priest. His life was saved by Apothecary Pallas, who dragged him to safety.[1c] The damage to Tellos's arms was so extensive that it proved impossible to craft augmetic replacements for him, effectively ending his career and causing Tellos to go insane. Whilst recovering on the Soul Drinkers Strike Cruiser Gundog, Tellos escaped from the ship's Apothecarion on multiple occasions, attempting to prove that he could still fight by jamming metal blades into the ends of his amputated stubs and using them to destroy Combat Servitors that he unleashed and hunted throughout the vessel.[1d]

Tellos would end up following Sarpedon after he went renegade and seized control of the Soul Drinkers. In the process, Tellos was "blessed" with some of the most obvious mutations in the chapter, second only to the likes of Sarpedon. Refusing to accept any other fate, he wanted to fight on; he had chainblades grafted into the end of each of his arms whilst his accelerated healing mutation held them in place. He also possessed secondary mutations, including a gross amount of muscularity and semi-translucent skin.[1e] As a result of his altered biology, his life-signs were difficult to detect on an auspex.[1d]

During the time Sarpedon was looking for a cure to halt their mutations, Tellos disobeyed Sarpedon on numerous occasions. When the cure was finally located, the Soul Drinkers were forced to abandon Tellos and forty assault marines behind on Stratix Luminae. They were last seen taking on tens of thousands of mutants and undead creatures from Teturact's heretical army.[2]

A few years later, Sarpedon received word that Tellos and his Marines had wiped Stratix Luminae clean of life and had pledged loyalty to the Blood God.[3a] Tellos was eventually tracked to Entymion IV, where he and Sarpedon engaged in a final duel on Caltax Bridge. Sarpedon was barely victorious, winning by damaging the bridge and burying Tellos in a pile of rubble. As the remaining Soul Drinker marines evacuated Entymion IV, Exterminatus was ordered due to the planet being over-run by Daemons and heretics. Tellos dug his way out from the ruins of the bridge, and sat to watch the Cyclonic Torpedoes boring into the surface of Entymion IV. His final thought was "More blood for the Blood God", as the planet broke apart under his feet.[3b]