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Crossed Swords (Short Story)

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Crossed Swords
Cover art
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Released April 2015
Editions 2015 ebook
ISBN 9781782516941

Crossed Swords is a short story written by Ben Counter. It was released in April 2015.

Cover Description

For months, the necron terror device known as the World Engine has carved a path of destruction through the Vidar sector. Now, the forces of the Imperium make a last-ditch effort to destroy it. The entire Astral Knights Space Marine Chapter have landed on the World Engine, seeking to annihilate it from within. As a makeshift squad battles necron constructs, long-standing rivalries cause conflict amongst the battle-brothers and threaten to doom them - and perhaps the mission. Can the Astral Knights overcome their differences in time to make a difference?


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