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Kraken (Short Story)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the short story by Chris Wraight. For other uses of Kraken, see Kraken (disambiguation).
Cover art, detail of cover art for Battle of the Fang by Jon Sullivan.
Author Chris Wraight
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Released March 2012
Collected in Sons of Russ
There Is Only War
Wolves of Fenris
Editions 2012 ebook
ISBN 9780857875150

Kraken is a short story by Chris Wraight, published online in March 2012.[1] It was re-published in Sons of Russ (Anthology) in July 2012.

Cover Description

The Lone Wolf Kvara heads out onto the storm-tossed oceans in search of a monstrous creature – and a mighty end. And that might come even quicker than he thought as the alien tyranids attack.[1]


On the Ocean World Lyses, something is destroying the massive algae processing platforms that harvest food for the Imperium. Their distress call is answered by a single Space Wolf, a grizzled warrior named Aj Kvara. As he persues the monster, he recalls a scene from a previous life, when he hunted the mighty Kraken in the seas of Fenris. He follows the creature's trail to another platform, which turns out to be infested with hormagaunts — and lurking nearby, something much worse.


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