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The Tranzia Rebellion (Audio Drama)

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The Tranzia Rebellion
Author C.Z. Dunn, George Mann, Gav Thorpe, Nick Kyme, Andy Smillie, John French
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by Mortarion's Heart
Followed by The Tranzia Rebellion
Released August 2014
Editions August 2014 MP3
ISBN 9781782516460

The Tranzia Rebellion is an audio drama in the Space Marine Battles novel series by C.Z. Dunn. It is the first audio production by Black Library in the format of a "radio play," with no background narration.

Cover Description

Part I

by C.Z. Dunn
The lords of the Doom Eagles Space Marines Chapter descend upon the world of Tranzia to honour a batch of new recruits who will lead the Chapter into the next generation. But as they make planetfall, the world rises up against them. Can the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies find and stop the minds behind the Tranzia Rebellion?

Part II

by C.Z. Dunn
Ill portents beset the Doom Eagles... Reeling after a Thunderhawk crash and the death of one of their battle-brothers, the Doom Eagles at last make landfall on Tranzia. There they meet up with the Adepta Sororitas of the Blazing Tears to conduct the Caucus of Aspirancy. But unbeknownst to the Doom Eagles, a canker lies at the heart of Tranzia waiting to strike...

Part III

by George Mann
As treachery unfolds on Tranzia, the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies discover the architects of the rebellion. As Chapter Master Hearon and Canoness Aleksa battle the traitors and their allies, the Doom Eagles survivors of a downed Thunderhawk gunship discover a shocking secret about one of their own...

Part IV

by George Mann
Trapped in the shell of a destroyed Thunderhawk gunship and harried by the alien tau, Doom Eagles First Captain Kaephon and his men discover that there may be a traitor in their midst. And in the capital, Chapter Master Hearon lies near death and his warriors struggle to save him even as the tau attack in force.

Part V

by Gav Thorpe
The clock is ticking. As the Doom Eagles continue their battle against the rebels and their tau allies, they must try to reestablish communication with their orbiting warship before it deems them lost and bombards the world with deadly missiles. Meanwhile, Scout Captain Mekatus abandons his brothers and strikes out alone on a mission that may be vital to their survival...

Part VI

by Nick Kyme
The Doom Eagles believe they have identified the traitor in their ranks... Until he returns with news of a chance to capture the enemy commander. As the Space Marines and their Adepta Sororitas allies perform an audacious aerial snatch mission on the tau leader, the real traitor continues to interfere with their efforts to save themselves and the world.

Part VII

by Andy Smillie
With a high-ranking tau commander in their clutches, Doom Eagles Chaplain Eifadon and Adepta Sororitas Canoness Aleksa interrogate their prisoner in an effort to uncover the plans of the insidious aliens. But will the tau be able to manipulate the Sister of Battle’s zealous hatred of the insidious aliens to ensure it receives a quick death before giving up its secrets?


by C.Z. Dunn
With the tau forces in disarray after the loss of their commander, the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies strike back. While Scout Captain Mekatus and Sister Jearna seek the source of the jamming signal that prevents communication with the orbiting fleet, First Captain Kaephon takes the battle to the aliens, and the Doom Eagles traitor is unmasked...

Part IX

by Gav Thorpe
With the traitor unmasked, the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies can finally rally to defeat the tau. Mekatus and Jearna continue their mission to destroy the tau vox-jammers. And Chapter Master Hearon, languishing in a coma, is hearing mysterious voices...

Part X

by Andy Smillie
The tau finally unearth what they have been searching for on the embattled Imperial world – much to the delight of the Doom Eagles traitor. Mekatus and Jearna come close to their goal. And back at the capital, Chapter Master Hearon awakens just in time to save his comrades...

Part XI

by John French
In the capital, Chapter Master Hearon and his comrades prepare to meet their end in glorious battle. Jearna and Mekatus continue their mission. And at the dig site, Kaephon and Kimanski delve into the secrets of the ancient eldar and discover the true architect of the war...

Part XII

by Nick Kyme
The truth of the war becomes clear, as the ruins of a crashed eldar craftworld are revealed and the true enemy comes closer to his goal of using it to enter the Black Library. Meanwhile, Mekatus and Jearna achieve their mission – at great cost – and Chapter Master Hearon closes on his new foe, intent upon stopping his evil plan.


by John French
The final showdown between the Doom Eagles, with their Adepta Sororitas allies, and Ahriman takes place aboard the crashed eldar craftworld. If they fail, a world will be lost and the Chaos sorcerer will achieve his dearest dream – to enter the webway. And even if they succeed, their chances of survival are minimal...

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