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Flesh of Cretacia (Novella)

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Flesh of Cretacia
Cover art by Clint Langley
Author Andy Smillie
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by Wrath of Iron
Followed by The Siege of Castellax
Released November 2012
Pages 128
Collected in Flesh Tearers
Editions 2012 hardcover:
ISBN 9781849704526

Flesh of Cretacia by Andy Smillie is a novella in the Space Marine Battles Series. It was published in November 2012.

Cover Description

Mere centuries after the end of the Horus Heresy, the newly-founded Flesh Tearers Chapter continues its bloody crusade against the xenos races that threaten Segmentum Pacificus. Chapter Master Amit leads his warriors to a feral world in pursuit of orks, but discovers something far more ancient and deadly in the depths of the jungle. Already battle-weary, the Flesh Tearers must master the dark legacy of their primarch Sanguinius if they are to prevail... and perhaps find a world worthy of being called their home.