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Dante's Canyon (Novella)

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Dante's Canyon
Cover art
Author Josh Reynolds
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Released August 2014
Pages 111
Collected in War for Armageddon: The Omnibus
Editions 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781782516477

Dante's Canyon is a novella by Josh Reynolds, published online in August 2014.

Cover Description

In the wastes of Armageddon, a strike force of White Scars Space Marines bait their ork enemies into a deadly trap. Luring the greenskins to a promethium refinery, the White Scars prepare to annihilate their foes. But one amongst the sons of Chogoris has a great destiny to fulfil, and Stormseer Kanim must keep him alive, whatever the cost to themselves or their human allies... and whether his brother wishes it or not.


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