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The Death of Antagonis (Novel)

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The Death of Antagonis
Cover art by Slawomir Maniak
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by The Siege of Castellax
Followed by Death of Integrity
Released February 26, 2013
Pages 416
Editions 2013 softcover:
ISBN 9781849703185

The Death of Antagonis is a Black Library novel by David Annandale in the Space Marine Battles novel series. It was published on February 26, 2013.

Cover Description

The Black Dragons fall upon the world of Antagonis, summoned to combat the plague of undeath that has engulfed the planet. Allying themselves with Inquisitor Werner Lettinger and a force of Sisters of Battle, the Black Dragons endeavour to save the souls of the Imperial citizens who have succumbed to the contagion. But there is more than a mere infection at play – the dread forces of Chaos lie behind the outbreak, and the Black Dragons stand in the way of the Dark Gods' victory.


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