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The Hunt for Magnus (Novella)

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The Hunt for Magnus
Cover art
Author Chris Wraight
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Released 2015
Editions 2015 ebook:
ISBN 9781785720925

The Hunt for Magnus is a novella by Chris Wraight in the Space Marine Battles Series, a companion to his novel Battle of the Fang.

Cover Description

It is the end of the thirty-second millennium. For two thousand years, since the fall of Prospero, the Space Wolves have hunted their greatest foe, the quarry who escaped them on that benighted world: Magnus the Red, sorcerer-primarch of the Thousand Sons. Now, Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm has the traitor primarch's scent... Determined to finish what Leman Russ began, Ironhelm sets out to capture and kill his prey, and the Hunt for Magnus begins.


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