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Traitor's Gorge (Novella)

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Traitor's Gorge
Cover art by Clint Langley
Author Mike Lee
Performer Robin Bowerman
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by Death of Integrity
Followed by Malodrax
Released 2013
Pages TBD
Length 3 hours 23 minutes

Traitor's Gorge by Mike Lee is a novella in the Space Marine Battles Series. It was released at Black Library's 2013 Live! and Weekender events.[1]

Cover Description

For nearly ten millennia, the Crimson Fists waged war against the enemies of mankind from their home planet of Rynn's World. And then, in one cataclysmic event, Rynn's World fell, despoiled by the hordes of the orks. Six months later, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor leads the shattered remnants of his Space Marines in pursuit of a force of greenskins still clinging to life in the mountains of the devastated world. But when they are drawn into a trap, Kantor and his battle-brothers realise that they have massively underestimated their foe...[2]


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