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The Shape of the Hunt (Audio Drama)

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The Shape of the Hunt
Cover Art
Author Joe Parrino
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2014
Editions March 2014 mp3
ISBN 9781782515449

The Shape of the Hunt is an audio drama by Joe Parrino, published in March 2014.

Cover Description

In the wake of an apocalyptic war against the alien tau, the White Scars take to their bikes and hunt the fleeing commander of the xenos forces across the plains of Voltoris. As they chase down their quarry, the Brotherhood of the Running Star begin to realise one inescapable truth: that this will be their final hunt. But if Suljuq Khan and Stormseer Checheg are to die this day, they will ensure that they take the alien Shadowsun into oblivion with them...

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