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Fall of Malodrax

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Fall of Malodrax
Conflict Crusade of Thunder
Date 971.M41
Location Malodrax
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Chaos
Chapter Master Vorn Hagen
Captain Erasmus Tycho
Captain Darnath Lysander
Sergeant Tor Garadon
Warsmith Shon'tu
Most of the Imperial Fists
Ultramarines Strike Cruiser
3 Blood Angels Frigates
Sons of the Forge
Ork Warband
Unknown Annihilated

The Fall of Malodrax was a battle between loyalist Space Marines and Iron Warriors forces under Warsmith Shon'tu and his Ork allies in 971.M41.[1]


In the aftermath of the Infestation on Drashin which saw the death of Imperial Fists Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh, it became apparent that the entire battle was engineered by the hated enemy of the Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors Warsmith Shon'tu. In the aftermath of the revelation the Imperial Fists decided to seek vengeance against Shon'tu, deploying the might of the chapter against his world of Malodrax.[1]

The Phalanx itself led the attack commanded by newly appointed Chapter Master Vorn Hagen. The Imperial Fists were joined by the Ultramarines Cruiser Valin's Revenge and three Blood Angels Azkaellon Class Frigates under Tycho. The Iron Warriors defenders were joined by Ork allies who Shon'tu had previously armed in exchange for slaves. The largest craft in the traitors fleet was Shon'tu's own flagship, the ancient War Barque Tamunash. The Phalanx and Tamunash began to exchange fire with one another, and it became apparent that the Daemonic vessel could regenerate damage it sustained by using umbilical-like cords connected to the surface of Malodrax where a vat of souls powered its repair. The Imperial Fists thus realized they would have to assault Malodrax itself before winning the space battle. Tor Garadon would lead forces on Boarding Torpedoes to assault the Tamunash while Lysander's 1st Company would remain in reserve, ready to deploy wherever needed. However Shon'tu was able to use Psykers to stir the Warp to interfere with the communications of Astartes on board the vessel. Using this to their advantage, the traitors and Orks launched a fierce counterattack against the Imperial Fists with not only infantry but also hulking Helbrutes and Maulerfiends. Garadon used Epistolary Darsway to guide him through the vessel amid the carnage.[1]

It soon became apparent to Garadon that the automated defenses throughout the ship were Daemonic in nature and fed upon the Orks rage. The Greenskins weren't crew, they were fuel to power the ships defenses. However the 3rd Company was eventually able to fight its way to a chamber dominated by a ridged umbilical cable that burst through the floor. They were joined by Tycho's forces in the chamber, who had boarded the daemonic barque themselves. After battling through more swarms of Orks, they finally secured the chamber. The Marines set charges to the umbilical that fed back to Malodrax, ddestroying it and cutting off the Tamunash from its power source of souls. Just then another Iron Warriors squad arrived, with Maulerfiends at the lead. Tycho and the Blood Angels held the ground, urging the Imperial Fists to leave this battle to them. Reluctantly Garadon agreed, and by this point the Tamunash, having lost its regenerative capabilities, began to take real damage in its battle against the Phalanx. Garadon next found the chamber holding Shon'tu's Psykers, destroying them and freeing the loyalists from the Warp interference they produced. These acts along with the Ultramarines own boarding party on the Tamunash disabling multiple weapons systems proved to be a turning point in the battle.[1]

Finally, Imperial Fists Centurions were able to lead the breach into Shon'tu's command deck. Encountering Shon'tu himself, the Warsmith fought with a vicious fury. Garadon struck down Shon'tu's bodyguard before battling the Warsmith himself, realizing he could not defeat the mighty Chaos Marine. However due to the end of the Warp interference on the Tamunash, Garadon was able to activate his Teleportation homer beacon and call reinforcements to the scene: a portion of the 1st Company under Lysander. Now once more the hated enemies Shon'tu and Lysander did battle, and Lysander managed to land a critical blow that forced the Warsmith to scatter away. As Lysander was about to deliver the final blow, a force of Iron Warriors Chosen blocked his path. Shon'tu reached his control panel, activating a Warp portal to destroy the entire Tamunash and the Imperial Fists within it. Shon'tu used the distraction as an opportunity to escape yet again, and Lysander rescued the wounded Garadon and fled the collapsing vessel.[1]

With the Tamunash destroyed, the Phalanx moved into position aboard Malodrax and enacted Exterminatus, winning the day.[1]